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All About Us


Here at Charlie Bear's Nursery we pride ourselves in our high quality childcare, in a homely nursery setting in the center of the community. We offer a safe, fun and imaginative learning environment for all our children to explore and enjoy. No child learns the same, so we aim to personalise care for each child for them to reach their full potential preparing them for formal education. At Charlie bears we explore exciting learning opportunities through play and exploration within the nursery and local environment. We are members of the forest childcare association and have qualified leaders in forest and beach school, which gives us unique opportunities for exciting outdoor learning.

Forest Fridays

We have a dedicated morning for our forest school sessions. Fridays during term time we meet at Annecy Catholic Primary School to enjoy their forest area in the secure school grounds.

There are many activities and imaginative play opportunities at the site and we also take along some of our own that may be relevant to the season or the children’s current interests.

We enjoy a snack in the outdoors mid-morning then walk back to nursery for our lunch before it’s time for parents to collect.

There have been many studies proving how much children can gain from learning in nature and the benefits of forest school sessions.

forest school.jpg

Forest School: The ways children benefit from learning and playing outside

  • Building confidence and independence.

  • Feeling empathy for others and nature.

  • Physical fitness.

  • Health benefits.

  • Improved mental health. ...

  • Learning by experience. ...

  • Exposure to manageable risk.

  • Better sleep and mood


Beach School

From May to July we hold our Beach School mornings. Each week we hire a beach hut near to Frankie’s Café and spend a lovely time sharing activities in the sun.

We love to paint the pebbles, fly a kite and picnic on the beach plus many more fun games. We also help our local environment by having a beach clean during each morning we are there.

Forest & Beach sessions


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